Thursday, 17 March 2016

"We have no plan and everything is fine mom"

Brought to you from Peanut beach, West palm, Florida, I'm writing this over a classy bowl of Ramen rations. Last night was probably one of the best nights of my life. Most people would say that after the craziest party, or maybe their wedding night, I don't know, maybe a night of lazer tag with your friends took the title. But for me, it was after a long day of sailing. We woke up in Stuart, Florida and motored to a dock where some gentlemen helped us put up our mailsail for the first time and fix the mast after we had a little debacle with hitting a bridge. No, you heard me right, we hit a bridge. The guys worked on the mast while I went to a little bar next door and ordered them all drinks for helping out. Then we set sail, and what I didn't know is that it would be the best little crossing I've ever been on. This trip is different from this summer, this trip is different from my childhood, and it's different from this Christmas in third world Bahamas. We have absolutely no plan. Mother, if you're reading this sorry to give you a heart attack. Also, dad let me try his cigar. I'm sorry for sinning.

When my dad told me when the trip started that we had no plan, I thought he had some vague idea of where a destination may be, but no. He didn't know that and I'm totally cool with having no plan. I feel like more people need to plan a trip with no itinarary and see where the days take them, not take too much charge of their days. I realised the sheer reality of my dad's "not giving a shit" phase when were halfway into this 11 hour crossing. He said "Bahamas or West palm beach". If we turn left, we can go to the Bahamas for a week, kind of third world, places I've already been recently and on the right we go to Miami where we spend the week in Florida. Also, I have about a minute to choose. The sail had been pretty silent up until this part of the journey. With my sudden unexpected increase in power, it became a screaming match of the pros and cons of each place. We turned around about twice and ultimately decided to go to West palm beach, I haven't spent much time in Florida lately.
After the decision way made, the night became serene. Light a candle, get yourself some top ramen, I'm about to tell you about the most perfect hour of my existence thus far. I've done some pretty crazy things, I've had some wild nights with some unforgettable people. But this came out of nowhere, there was no planning for this. The sky was the most vibrant pink and purple. The water was the deepest, darkest blue. There was not one other boat and no land for miles. I knew it was a good night, cause my dad broke out a case of cigars for special occasions only. Jimmy Buffet was playing on our radio. We turned off the engine, put up the sails and the only noise the boat made was the sides crisply cutting across the water like butterknives. I went downstairs and changed into a little black dress because this was the best date I'd ever been on, even if it was just with the earth and the sky and the sea. When I came upstairs a school of fifteen or so dolphins were dancing next to the starbord hull, so I sat down and dangled my legs in the water. They came right up to me, trying to keep up with the speed of the boat. We took very few pictures, and yelled at eachother when our phones came out. I don't think some moments want to be captured. That's probably why it happened so fast, as for us to savor every single second. My dad knew, everything he had ever done or worked for, was so we could have nights like this. Because every minute he would remind me, "no one ever does this" and "this is the absolute shit." There was no where I needed to be, no one I had to talk to and no pressure. It was life at it's purest. I think I like myself more when I have less. Less things, less baggage, at that moment I had nothing except a big peice of fiberglass to sit on and the ocean. It was a high no drug could give you.

The sun set as fast as it came up, and we motored for another six hours into West Palm beach. I fell asleep in the cockpit and I woke up surrounded by the city and all of it's business. My dad was exhausted from sailing all day, but i couldn't bring myself to sleep. I wrote poems all night in the notes on my phone, long, real poems that took me less than three minutes to write because every feeling I've ever felt became so much more vibrant and forward in my thoughts after that high dose of seratonin the Earth gave me tonight. I don't think I'll share them yet, maybe one day at a college poetry slam or maybe I'll just keep them for myself.
So here I am, in peanut beach, with no plan, and I can't wait for all the adventures to come this week. My dad's being an exceptional travel buddy and captain and first class homie. I'll be sure to upload this when I have an internet connection. What most of you don't know is I write almost all of my blogs on a word document and then paste them when I'm somewhere with a starbucks to post them in.
Safe Sailing!


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