Thursday, 10 March 2016

I'm not dead

I've logged back into this blog after three months of being totally MIA, and there's still new comments and people checking back up on it, and I never thought that would happen, so for those few people, you're real. And probably all related to me. Hello, I'm alive. I just got my wisdom teeth surgery. It looked like the most painful thing in the world, but honestly I highly recommend it. You get free drugs, free ice cream, an excuse to be ugly for a week. The day I got them out I don't remember anything. The drugs made me so emotional, I cried over how much I loved my sister, cried over buffalo wild wings, told the pharmacist how hot he was and demanded we played Hollaback girl the second I woke up. The nurses and doctor literally woke me up to Hollaback girl by Gwen Stefani and I can't love them anymore for that. I don't know what's in those drugs, but I would never hit on a pharmacist like that in real life. My sweet mother took video, don't stress.  I found out you're allowed to eat mashed potatoes after your surgery and mom withheld that golden piece of information from me, so we argued for like 20 straight seconds about it. My mom left the house for a few hours so I can do whatever I want, and as an almost 18 year old female I chose to watch stand up comedy on Netflix and cry and eat my long awaited mashed potatoes cause I'm wild like that.  I'm writing today because I'm about to embark on my third sailing adventure since being a tiny adult. It's going to be my first time flying alone, and I'll be meeting my dad to go sailing over Spring Break. The thing with writing a blog or a book or whatever on Earth this is, is I really hold back from swearing because my family and strangers and my parents friends that own businesses and important things read this. I want to be as transparent and real in these as I possibly can AND IT'S SO HARD TO DO WITHOUT SAYING BAD WORDS. When I was younger I never understood why people swore, and I was so proper and everything I said made me sound like a young British boy from an old movie, but now when I'm alone or when I'm with my close friends, I swear all the time and it feels great. It takes every feeling you're feeling and puts it into a word and I just love it, I'm sorry. I'm going to try to force myself to keep these entries as f word free as I can. But if you're wondering why I say shit all the time in real life, and I sound like the queen of England in my blog, I'm trying to be a better person, just support me dammit.
 The last few months have been okay. It's a new year and since my last blog post, life has been peaceful. I cut all my hair off and I now look like the mom from the incredibles. I still have the cutest job ever. I have 3 months left of high school and I'm mentally ready to be a hip artsy vagabond in art school. I go on a lot of little hikes and adventures with my girlfriends and I hang out with my choir homies. We're going on tour in a month. I went to the military ball with the same guy that's asked me every year since we were freshman and we had the best time. I had to abort the party bus we were on early because it had zebra wallpaper, a stripper pole and we were only playing Jamaican music. Not that that's not my scene, but seeing as the second I got on, I stopped being focused on having a good time, and became more focused on who's idea it was to go with the zebra wallpaper. I think I'm 100 years old. So, life has been steady. I've been healthy and I've been making myself happy and handling each day as it comes. I'm so ready for this next adventure on Monday and I'll be sure to write often from my little cocoon of solitude
 ( aka the hammock I rigged from the bow to the mast ).

Safe Sailing,

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