Thursday, 17 March 2016

Baby's first flight

Goodmorning friends! I took my first flight alone. I've been on hundreds of flights, but this was my first two plane rides I've done solo thus far. My mom and sister dropped me off in the middle of the night to start this new adventure on the boat, aka spring break. I said hi to my friend's parents at the airport and turns out we were on the same flight, so we talked for a while. I felt so small at the airport, doing things for the first time. I did what everyone does at an airport I guess. I bought tea and a novel and avoided eye contact with every other breathing being. When I got to Seattle, it was early in the morning and I was in N gate. My next gate was A13. Another name for A13, is Timbuktoo because let me tell you, it took me about an hour to get to this gate. I've been to the Seattle airport many a time and I've never even heard of A gate. I took two shuttles, the trains, asked a bunch of people wearing name tags, and took what felt like the stairway to heaven in escalators. After all of the planes, trains and automobiles to get to this magical gate, I got there. It was a long white corridor filled with art and statues but no people. It was probably the abandoned part of the airport they reserve for random little girls going on sailing trips with their father. Sure enough though, at this end of this corridor to nowhere, there was A13, filled with people and the strangest stained glass masterpiece on the window and Christmas decorations that hadn't been taken down yet. 

The plane ride was five hours and I sat next to an accountant named Bill. What a riveting specimen. He played sudoku for hours, and said dammit under his breath every time he couldn't figure it out. He also had a dog named Skipper. I'm getting very good at smalltalk, can you tell? Bill, homie, if you read this, I hope life is treating you kind and you've gotten better at sodoku. I made it safely to my nana's house. She's probably the coolest lady ever, it's hard to describe her cause she's not like most grandmas. I'll try to give you a few fun facts. She makes homemade applesauce at every meal, she runs like a hundred clubs and goes to a million garden club meetings and she wears bright flamingo pink lipstick and visors. She's also extremely smart. I love her.
So, those were my first flights. Sorry it was kind of boring.
Safe Sailing!


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