Saturday, 19 December 2015

Round Two

Dwellers of the Internet, fear not, it's back. May the blogging continue. I don't know why I'm talking like this, I just watched some star wars re runs and that's probably why I've been communicating in an entirely different dialect. But hello, if you stumbled upon this blog post in an attempt to search for the Jimmy Buffet song, "captain and the kid". This is not it, and sorry for the disappointment. However, if you enjoy entirely true yet strange stories that happen on my day to day living on a tiny sailboat with my dad, welcome. Let's be pals. To catch you up if you're a regular here, I started my senior year of high school. I'm slaying in the grade department and I completed my first semester of swing choir and my last season of football cheer leading. I hang out with very few people, but the ones I do see on a daily basis mean the entire world to me. My dad's been sailing the majority of this time trying to deliver the boat places before we embark on this adventure starting in 13 hours. My baking skills have improved. I have not grown, nor do I think I will in the future. I found out that there's a shrek cereal. My sister is now in high school and we spend nearly every second of every day together. She holds my hand in the hallways and gives me kisses on the cheek before going to her classes, and it's made school so much more comfortable of a place having someone you've grown up with to hang around all day. I got into my first musical, Cinderella and that starts up when I get home. I'm not theatrical at all, I have no idea what I'm even doing, I'm just trying to fill my life with lovely things and people. That's really my only goal. However, If you're new, I started this writing extravaganza back in June when one of my birth givers and best friends, Paul and I spent two months sailing the East coast of the United States. I highly recommend going back a few chapters just to see what went down. It was without a doubt, one of the most positive experiences I've had in my wee life and we're doing it again! However, this time we're taking my primary birth giver, Becky and my little sister slash closest companion, Kel. We're going to be going to Florida and all over the Bahamas in our teeny tiny sailboat visiting family, even the ones I haven't seen since I had a Dora haircut and had imaginary friends. It's gonna be a tight squeeze on the boat, so I bought a hammock from urban outfitters to string from the mast to the bow and I intend on sleeping there every night. I'm currently at my desk, in Anchorage, Alaska where a blog post has never been written before. I was checking my blog for the first time in months because I thought hey, remember that buffoonery I used to write on the Internet? Let's start that up again. And I realised in doing this that this blog had WAY more views and reads than I thought it would get. I want to turn this into a book one day, or maybe just have it collecting dust on the Internet after I die so people can look back and see all the cool things that happened in the world before flying cars and hover boards. I'll be spending a ton of time collecting shells and memories and new friends and new experiences, but that hour a night when I get to curl up in the hammock, I want to spend creating and writing and filling in all my friends back home whom I love so dearly about how it's cracking over on this side of the world. Thank you all so much who diligently tell me you like what I write, and hello hello to all the new people I haven't met yet who I'm going to get to write about. Feel free to leave comments, or talk to me, I'd love to hear about your adventures and share my own. The human experience is so much more wonderful in my opinion when shared.

My flight leaves tomorrow. I've packed nothing.
Safe Sailing!

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