Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Resolutions and other fancy stuff

Before I write about today, I want to write about this year. Reflecting on moments to me is just as important as living in the moment, and since new year's is coming up and I think resolutions are a bunch of hooey that I never stick to, I want to just look back before I look forward. Honestly, the last 365 days have been the most pivotal days of my life so far. There's been moments of intense joy, and intense sadness but hardly anything in the middle of that spectrum. It was either incredible or awful. In the times I was happy, I was genuinely happy and no amount of pain or bad news would touch my joy. In the times of heartbreak, I don't know how well I'd be holding up if it wasn't for my friends, though they are few they are special people and my parents. My dad's been sailing for about 8 months this year but he's always been there to talk to me. And my mom, took me to Seattle for my birthday, just her and I when I wasn't having the hottest time and I needed to leave the surroundings I was in. I can't thank her enough for being that understanding. I want to turn this blog into a book so if I do I'll be sure to expound on these good and bad times this year had to offer some more, but for now I'll leave it to the imagination. People who read this probably just want to hear about sailing. But if not, drop me a comment if you want me to talk about something in particular and I'll be sure to give my two cents in the next entry. I do enjoy giving my two cents. I completed absolutely none of my resolutions this year and I'm not at all upset about it. They were surface things like loose weight, have more friends, the usual. I think I managed to keep less friends, but the ones I have are all I want and need in my life. This year I got the cutest job. I made swing choir president, which my dad calls queen of the dweebs but it's a real title. I made varsity cheer leading. In the grand scheme none of those things make me a better person but, This year I was kind to people. People got to know me for me and were kind to me more than I'll ever deserve and it was a year I'll never forget. If you want to hear about the last 24 hours, hello, what's good. I got about 5 texts today asking me where the heck I am, and to answer that I started the day in Pompano, Florida and road tripped to my gramma's home in Stuart Florida where for the first time in years and years and years and years I got to see the Berger family. My uncle rides Harley's, and he's basically the coolest guy alive and the biggest stealer's fan on the face of the planet. I mean this guy would die for that team. When I was a kid it was rumoured that he broke his flat screen tv throwing a bowl of chips at the tv when something bad happened for the Steelers. It was a good night, we laughed uncontrollably and that's really all you can ask for from people you see every half a decade. They gave me one of those adult colouring books that people give to people that need to calm down. It's supposed to relax your mind, but let me tell you girlfriend my hands were on fire trying to finish this thing. I've never coloured so hard in my life. I've never been this stressed. I stopped all interaction with my family for a long time to work on this thing.
The road trip was good. We stopped at a target because my packing skills are far below par. I packed nothing but Birkenstocks and three rompers because in my mind, rompers are shirts and shorts combined so it's like I packed 3 shirts and 3 pairs of shorts. I'm ready for adulthood obviously.
Tomorrow we wake up at 6am and fly to Nassau, Bahamas where we'll take a cab to the boat. I'm so excited. I've been craving new experiences. The cabs in the Bahamas are some of the shadiest cabs in the world, the last time I was in one the "driver" decided to take us on the tour of the island at midnight and I don't think speed limits or traffic laws applied to this guy. Tomorrow will be an adventure for sure. That's really all I can hope for, for this new year to be one giant new adventure. I wish the same for whomever stumbles upon this. Always set goals, but never forget what really matters while you're trying to reach them.
Safe flying, safe sailing.

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