Monday, 21 December 2015

Mom jeans in paradise

Flying from Alaska to Florida, I'm finally able to wear shorts and sundresses again and I forgot what my legs looked like. It was quite disappointing. I put on a cute pink floral romper thinking I'd have Sofia Vergara calves but I ended up looking like Paula Deen. I think I'll stick to mom jeans and turtlenecks while I'm here for a few days with my cousins just because I look like a vampire compared to my 11 year old supermodel cousins. We had two flights and made it to Fort Lauderdale where we're staying with our cousins for a few days, then heading over to stay on the boat and sail all over the Bahamas. I watched way more movies than a human being should in the course of 15 hours on the plane. I finally saw We are your friends, and the director, aka love of my life, Max Joseph did not disappoint. It was riveting, highly recommend. I found out that I won't have Internet or cell service for about 11 days while we're in the islands. I mourned for about five seconds, but then I remembered that I really don't do anything of any significance on my phone anyway. I talk to like two friends and try to beat my high score on tiny wings. Experiences are way more important. I think phones are incredible, just the fact that something so teeny tiny can go to space and back and hold so much information just boggles my mind, but nothing compares to putting it down and being in the now. Like, it bothers me so much at restaurants and parties,when people are all on their phones. All your friends are with you! Who are you talking to! What could you possibly be clickidy clacking that's more important than your family, ask your friends for their wisdom or life advice when you're with them, I dare you. I was at dinner with my choir last week and I was sitting with some of my close guy friends and all of a sudden we all stopped and they asked me what my advice was for them, they asked me about sailing and what I think life was all about. Then they told me theirs. It was a short lived conversation to have with two teenage boys but it was nice to know how others think so differently and sometimes so similarly to yourself and I'll never forget what they told me. 
 I found myself in the most uncomfortable situation at the Alaska airport before I flew here, I was sitting on a row of seats with no one but this older man who I believe was homeless since he didn't have any bags packed and he kept murmuring to himself. I was eating my highly nutritional breakfast of a Starbucks bagel and tea and I was checking some political article and this guy was doing NOTHING. I mean staring into space, but he kept looking over at me and asked me where I was going finally. We talked for a bit, and he said he was going no where. I said "I've never been to nowhere before, what's it like" and he laughed way too hard at that. But his name was Mike or Matt or something, and I'm glad I stopped reading that article to give him a laugh. It's a little thing, but little things add up and he thanked me for talking to him before I caught my flight. So, 11 days with no phone will be nice. I'll call my friends from payphones in third world countries like in those spy movies. Florida is ridiculously hot. Today we went to Chik fil a for the for the first time, life changing. Ill probably spend the rest of the day painting rocks and beach combing and swimming and trying not to die of heatstroke. The usual. 

I hope you're all having a killer winter break. 
Go outside. Get off the twitter machines.
Safe Sailing


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  2. Fabulous blog. Keep writing more. And don't let your dad run around. He likes to do that.

  3. Aground, Rick, aGround... ;-)

  4. Aground, Rick, aGround... ;-)