Thursday, 2 July 2015

The wrap up

This is the final countdown. It's our last hour on the boat and we're spending it aggressively packing, washing the boat, and pinesolling every possible surface. The last few days have been a great way to end the six week journey. I last left you guys hanging in Ridgefield Connecticut where I was staying with my dear friend Amanda and her folks. I woke up bright and early the day we had to get back to the boat to find a bag of dunkin donuts next to where I would take a shower, and the bag said "I love you!! :-)" on it. Bless Amanda. We snuck out, drove our rental car back to Newport, Rhode Island and got ready for a big day. Not only did we have the roadtrip from Connecticut to Rhode Island that day, we also had to do a hefty seven hour sail to Fisher's Island. The sail was probably the nicest one yet, considering we had to manoeuvre through the world's thickest fog, and some heavy rain and big seas. This one had a lot of wind, and we had our jib and sails up for a good part of it. When the engine's off and you have your sails up, it's basically nap time. We just listened to podcasts and talked and sailed and I took the most cosmic nap of my life. When we got closer to fisher's, I woke up and looked around and helped my dad get the mooring on. I remember telling you guys about the first time I had to fetch the mooring by myself and how nervous I was. Now, I do it every couple of days. We did nothing that night. We had the last mega boat dinner of boxed Rice-a-roni and we watched Hector and the search for happiness on Netflix. I have so many new movies to recommend to you guys because Amanda and I had a little movie night too. Intersteller is phenomenal and your brain will explode watching it. If you do any sort of drugs, do not do them while watching this movie because I imagine your brain would just self combust. We also watched the Duff or whatever it's called, and I don't really recommend it unless you're a thirteen year old girl in middle school. It was kind of stereotypical and embarrassing to watch. Hector and the search for happiness was good if you like British accents.
      The next day we left fisher's island at a reasonable time and we made it to Mystic Conneticut where we are currently. This was a pretty decent, short sail that only took maybe an hour. We had to go through this massive revolving bridge. Docking wasn't our hottest moment because I threw the bow line on the dock and when I jumped over the boat to go get it on the dock, it had fallen in the water. This happened about three times with my dad trying to throw it to me, but the boat just got too far away, and we had to turn it around and come back and it was just kind of messy. But we did it A+ in the end, my dad's probably the world's craziest good docker above everything else. This day was cleaning day. We literally just dedicated 24 hours of doing everything we hate doing. We did laundry, stripped the beds, did the floors, revarnished all the desks and tables and did the dishes and all that housewifey stuff. I spent about an hour and a half in a marina laundromat just waiting for my stuff to get done and reading the only book they had there, which was about this boxer from essex. After hours and hours of heavy duty cleaning, we went into town for dinner and I was ot expecting this town to be so cute. First of all the town was named Mystic which is rad enough. We went to dinner at this nice Italian place called Bravo Bravo 10/10 recommend, and all the male waiters had little hipster glasses and nice butts. After dinner we got gelato and walked the entire town. There was a park I played at on a roadtrip when I was a little baby. As we were walking I went into this bead store because I'm really into weaving and all, and I kid you not. It was the best day of my life. THERE WERE PUGS. There were 2 pugs and they just came up and loved me and licked me and followed me all over the store and I didn't even buy anything or look around, I just sat down and played with them. It made my day, pugs are basically my favourite things in the whole world.
       I have to wrap this up soon because we're getting ready to catch a flight. Anyway, last night we both couldn't sleep so we just hung out till the wee hours . It's currently 9:40am on Thursday, and we won't make it to Alaska until Friday. We have two flights. It's okay though, I love the Seattle airport. Has anyone ever actually looked up at that huge hanging sparkly sculpture thing? It boggles my mind every time, I probably always look like a weenie in the airport staring at it like I've never seen sparkly lights before, but it's cool. It's about to get really sappy, because this is the last day. This has really been the adventure of a lifetime. Travelling is cool, but it's really all about who you travel with. My dad's been the best bud I could ask for and he's shown me things off the beaten path everyday. He let's me explore, and find new places and beaches, and he lets me grow and do my thing. There's never been any fighting or yelling ( except for underway putting the sails up and stuff ) on this trip. It's been exciting, and fresh everyday. He's forced me out of my comfort zone daily. He's put me in positions that weren't particularly comfortable to be in at the time, but they've made me a stronger person and I'm extremely grateful for that. I wasn't too into taking pictures on this trip, but my dad would always take pictures of me soaking up life. Most of our pics are of the back of my head, or me doing something without me realising. I could probably go into deeper meaning about why that's special to me, but I really do need to run out the door. There will be many many blogs in the future, so if you liked this one, keep checking in, I'm sure there's many adventures to come. If I stayed home, I would never have battled those seas coming out of Atlantic City, I would never have witnessed people catch a shark and then invite me to the after party. I would never have been to the mohegan cliffs. I would never have tried a crab ball at a dodgy bar called crabby dick's. This is your life, if you have the opportunity to do something amazing, take it. My homie Andy Dufresne from Shawshank Redemption once said, get busy living or get busy dying. For a month and a half I can honestly say, I've seen some shit. I've lived.

I hope you're all having the best summer. Thank you for reading what I write and I hope you had a laugh or two. That's really this blog's only purpose is to give you a chuckle. I Gotta go!! My dad says, " say hi to your internet friends."
Here's to new adventures.
It was safe sailing.



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  2. Hi Maddi,
    I hope this message finds you well! My friends and I wanted you to know that we followed your blog and have thought about you and your incredible journey, often. You and your Dad are absolutely amazing people who, I'm sure, gave just as many memorable experiences to those you met as the ones you had received.

    Best of luck to you always from your Shark Tournament friends,
    Patti, Bill, Dick, Cindy, Sully, Jason, Ricky, Danny, Stan and Kenny