Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Power of the Word

Words are so powerful. I never really realised this until yesterday when I was stitting at a "Jack fortune" Chinese restaurant in a strip mall on the East coast. Only two months ago my dad asked if I ever wanted to go sailing again. ( I say again, because I spent my entire childhood at sea until I was a teenager ). I said yeah, only because I didn't hate the idea of sailing and he always asks me stuff like that. Sure enough, night after night of boat shopping on Craigslist, here we are. It takes months and months or planning to do something like this, let alone the amount of safety involved. But we did it. And the reality that we actually did the thing hit me while we were ordering fried rice at a strip mall 3,500 miles away from home.

See, the universe does not care whether the thoughts you emit are negative or positive. I don't think the universe can tell. I beleive in the law of attraction, where whatever you attract, you will receive in your life. If you tell youself you'll go somewhere or talk to someone chances are you'll be closer to reaching that goal just by channelling your energy towards it. The power of the idea my dad had is now in full effect and I blame it on the theory that there's a plan for everything and if you attract something, it will most likely happen. I'm insanely grateful I got another chance to sail the world again and see so many new things.

This'll be my first blog post unless you've previously reached the darkest corners of the internet and found my embarrasing travel blogs from middle school. This blog will be for any family and friends that want to see what my dad and I get up to everday for the next month or so. (Shania I know you're reading this, Helloooooo). The boat is still on jacks and out of the water. It is insanely tiny and very hot. The new name got put on today and it makes everything seem more official. Our goals for the next couple days are to get the boat in the water, provision the boat with food and unpack copious amounts of luggage into tiny little storage lockers.

Today we bought an engine, went to costco and I tried learning how to play ukelele. I'm terrible. We're going to walk the town of Annapolis tonight and see the museum. Hope all is well back in Alaska hunnies. I'll be posting as often as we have internet access, xoxo

Safe sailing,


  1. Have fun, do cool things, stay safe and explore lots!

  2. My love overflows...⚓️💕 mama