Sunday, 31 May 2015

Step Step Break

Coming at you hot from Rock Hall marina, Maryland, I feel like I've just been hit by a truck. The morning started off different from any other day I've had in probably my whole life. Last night my mind was running wild and I pulled an all nightie. I slept in the cockpit with nothing but a blanket on a hard surface. The stars were out and the boats around us were having the time of their lives. Girls were in and out of everyone's boats, music was loud, and it just looked like a memorable night for a lot of these people in general. I listened to them talk and yell and one guy got pushed in the water. I snap chatted my mom most of the night because she is probably the best person to snap chat in the entire world. Seriously, this woman deserves a medal. I can't even describe how loud I was cracking up. By myself. At 3am. On a boat. I thought a lot that night, did a lot of self reflection, wrote a lot and watched a spider spin a web. Party hard right ?
I seriously appreciate nights like this so much. Normally if my best friend, Shania and I see a spider in my house we think of the most creative way to get rid of it and I won't go into detail of the ridiculous lengths we will take to abolish the spider population in my household. I don't like killing spiders or bugs, I like setting them free though. But, last night I just kind of watched her spin her web and she finished the whole thing. She took her time and it was delicate and beautiful. I could never be that patient, I don't even spell check these blog posts.
I stayed up until 6 in the morning and I got to see the town completely make a 360 turn overnight. In the morning, ladies were running and people were getting crepes at this super adorable crepe shop, and the naval academy cadets were on their morning run. Synchronised screaming and all.
I ended up making granola and yogurt and spilling the biggest box of granola all over the floor of the galley. I was riding the struggle bus all day today.

We dingyed over to our new friend from Alaska, Nick's boat to go over some maps. He told us all about where we should go next. We ended up winging it. One of the things I like about my dad is that he's not afraid to take things a day at a time and see how he feels and not rush life. We literally set sail without a destination. The worst and hardest part of the day was prepping the boat for what was about to go down. It took hours of just checking the engine parts and the equipment and the dock lines and the cleats and bringing the dingy up and trimming the sail for the first time. It was hot and messy and I get super irritated at doing the tedious little work that has to constantly be done on boats. Once we were underway, the ride was bumpy and extremely rough. The wind was howling. We actually found a bird's nest in the sail. It just came flying out of no where. We had to tack a lot and move around a lot and the boat was almost completely leaning to one side for most of the ride. It was extremely difficult to walk from one point to another. Mid sail, it became less of sailing and more of cruising and once again, my world record nap streak was back in action and I took the best 20 minute nap on deck while the boat was on autopilot.

One thing about being on a boat that's underway or being on a boat in general, is your walking pattern. It completely changes to suit your environment and you don't even notice it. The boat is always rocking and you kind of end up taking little breaks between steps to match the rhythm of the waves so you don't fall and die. Life alert can't touch you out here. All day when we were going through rough waters I had to fetch stuff and lines for Captain Sassy and I ended up noticing a distinct little pattern. 2 Steps then you kind of rock back and keep walking. It becomes part of what you do. Just a little observation, Nothing to see here.

The sail took from 11am-5pm and we ended up wanting to stay the night at a quaint and familiar marina. We were hot and bothered and covered in salt and engine stuff and sunscreen. I ran to the shower rooms the minute we tied off. It was a big day and I learnt a lot. It was a lot of yelling and running around and trying not to freak out when the boat felt like it was about to capsize. There's a big storm coming through for the next few days so we're stuck here in the marina until it passes. I'll be writing a lot and beading and working on the boat. If it gets super stormy and the boat is just too rocky be on all day we might rent a car and go sightseeing and go to to the historical museums. Those little plaques on the side of the road that give you fun facts about the town are my dad's things.

Hope you're all doing great. Hi Mom, I miss you, xoxo

Safe Sailing,

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