Thursday, 28 May 2015

The little cabin

My cabin is at the very front of the boat, so the bed's kind of in the shape of a triange. The ceilling is so close so every morning you have to slowly inch out of the bed or you risk getting a cuncussion. This morning I forgot to do that.

The boat was supposed to be put in the water sometime today but we weren't sure when. I went to the shower rooms in the boat yard and by the time I was out the boat was already put in the water. Crazy how fast they're able to do that. My dad and I packed a picnic and watched the other boats go by and he told me all about the different winds and what they're called. It's so incredibly hot here, I took a 6  hour nap just to forget about the heat for a while.

When I woke up we were underway which reminded me of when I was a little girl. I used to go to bed with my little sister and when we were sleeping my parents would sail to a new location so when we'd wake up it would be like Christmas. But today I woke up while we were doing the test ride to see if all the engines and parts worked properly and if the boat could sail well at different speeds. We'd travel at 5 knots then work our way up to the maximum speed the boat could go. It was beautiful, and the harbour was filled with little optimists and small boats doing the Thursday night races. I really missed this and I never got to witness the actual beauty of nights like this when I was a kid. My sister and I were always playing legos or drawing or using our mom's lingerie for princess dress up. Sorry mom. 
It was just really nice to look around and help my dad out with lines and knots and to experience the freedom of being completely alone on the water. 
My dad is insanely speedy at getting a boat into a small slip in a very short amount of time. There's an elderly French man on the boat across from us and he was watching us pull into the slip. He walked up to me as I was dealing with tying the boat off and he whispers, "your dad is a magician" and walks away. 

We went to dinner at a place called "Old country something" I forget. It was again, in a strip mall and it was one of those buffets filled with screaming kids and food that will make you die by the age of 30. It was an experience. We then spent another few hours at target getting stuff for the boat. I wanted to get those little glow in the dark stars that you have as a kid, to put on my ceiling in my cabin. But like I said, my ceiling almost touches my face so when you look up at it it'd be like BAM THIS IS THE GALAXY. 

We dragged about 10 target bags down the dock in the pitch black. It's now pretty late so I'm going to curl up in my 30 square foot little box of a room and read. Hope everyone reading this is doing absolutely wonderful. 

Safe sailing,


  1. Ok laughing and crying tonight...this one was special...⚓️ Mama