Friday, 29 May 2015

Knot my day

Get it? Like "Not my day"? The title makes me want to cringe too, I'm sorry. I would stop reading and throw the computer at the nearest wall if I were you too. I couldn't resist the pun. This morning I knew we had our work cut out for us. My dad showed me the maps of the Chesapeak bay and where we were going to be navigating to next. We're heading to St. Michael's on the Eastern bay in two days. He had to show me where everything is on the map, and kind of reteach me lattitude and longitude. I took a yearlong marine biology and oceanography class but I never really understood lat and long, or payed attention. Sorry Mr. Backstrum. But I understand it now, and I really have to because if something happened to my dad at sea I have to tell the coastguard people where EXACTLY we are.

After some map reading, my dad pulled out some lines. Without me even realising we were transistioning into the next teaching section of the day, I was learning how to coil lines properly. Emphasis on the "properly". I had to tie about a million knots today and coil ropes over and over because that stuff's insanely important when you're out at sea. If a line is loose and someone trips on it, you've got a problem. Also I've learned that it looks really badass as a 17 year old girl, if you pull up to any dock and tie the boat off like a pro. I learned how to tie ropes and knots as a kid but never perfectly. They were always messy and fell apart. I had tiny baby hands, tying a clove hitch was the least of my priorities as a 6 year old. I also need to work on patience. When the knot tying lesson was done, after a lot of kicking and screaming we washed the boat. It took an hour or so and a lot of work. My dad is very particular about attention to detail so needless today we spent a lot of time in the hot sun scrubbing every little inch of the deck. I took a shower in the shower rooms and mailed some postcards to my best friends back home. We went into town and visited the Annapolis museum, I highly don't reccommend it. There's about 1 very vague exhibit on slavery and a massive giftshop. The giftshop to museum ratio was about 10:1. Great if you're into decorative napkins and cheesy t-shirts. I'm not judging.

We got lunch and now we're back at the crib. Dad's putting in the new stereo system because hood jams are very very important to me. I'm watching what he's doing and blogging from my tiny cabin. Normally I try to blog at about midnight everynight so I can talk about the most adventures as I possibly can throughout the day. But it's 6pm and the day isn't over yet so I feel odd blogging so early. What if the boat gets hit by a meteor at 6:30? You guys will never know. I'm on dinner duty so I think we're going to have ramen. Spoken like a true student. The night is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to set sail soon.

Safe Sailing,

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